Finding Our Why


The industry has a lot of different names for what we do: interior designers, decorators, stylists and so on.  I like to think that what we do is tell our client's story.

I love watching people; I have been an avid people watcher forever. I love learning about others. What are their interests?  What makes them tick? What makes them unique? I love seeing how people interact with others, how they react in different situations and most importantly, how spaces affects them.

I learned early on how much a space can affect your mood, how you go about your day and how you feel when you're in it. Years ago we were hired to do a playroom for a young client. He had just turned 5.  He didn’t know that he was getting a new playroom until the day he came home and saw his new surroundings.  The smile on his face and the jumping up and down had us believe that he loved his space.  He ran and ran and ran all through the house with his arms out like an airplane and kept running back to his playroom and jumping up and down.  He didn’t know how to express into words how he felt but he knew how to express it in his actions. I have never forgotten his reaction.  I have yet to have an adult client of mine do this but I am hopeful that we make someone happy enough to jump up and down and run around for us :)  (if you're a current client and reading this, now you know what we expect on install day!)

Simply put, his parents hired us to make him a space where he could enjoy his favorite books, toys, puzzles and movies. This space energized him and made him so happy. This is the WHY of our business.  Yes we love textures, yes we love fashion, yes we LOVE design but most of all we love to make people happy and to make their space THEIR space. It isn’t about us, but the people who allow us to tell their story through interior design. 

Kristen Thomas