Inspiration: Icing


I love a clean slate. White on white: there's nothing more crisp and yet calming. 

The eye needs white space to rest and process: think of black type on a white page, white clouds on a blue sky - I even think of the white apple logos on our office macbooks. In interiors and graphics alike, a lack of color is a powerful tool to emphasize other features. 

I saw this chair last week while perusing some new product from one of our favorite vendors. The clean lines, high contrast and (most of all) the simplicity of the white fabric had me inspired. It got me thinking, how do you express cleanliness in design? How do you incorporate elements that add interest, without crowding the room? How do you design a space to feel clean, crisp and all at once comfortable? White space. White textiles. The occasional white accent piece. They're the icing that finishes a look. 

We're in an exciting evolutionary phase at Studio Thomas. Our team has been growing, our clients and projects have diversified and I've finally had a chance to step back and consider my design philosophy. I've asked myself why I do what I do and how can I design in a way that echoes these beliefs? I believe in simplicity - both for its functionality in our lives and its inherent chicness. An overwhelming amount of thought and work goes into mastering good design... but as I saw this simple, black-framed chair last week, it seemed to capture how much of my design philosophy lies within simplicity.  

Kristen Thomas