Inspiration: Trench


I've always loved a trench coat. It's chic, timeless and menswear-inspired. 

To say I am obsessed with masculine style is an understatement.  I love, love, LOVE masculine design.  It’s not that I don’t like flowers and ruffles but too much is too much and honestly, I love to keep things simple, understated and classic.  

This obsession with menswear came from my dad - he was the best dressed person I've ever met. He always had his shirts laundered and I can't remember a time he wasn't dressed to the nines, always in classic and timeless pieces.  I have many memories of him shining his shoes with nude colored nylons because they “gave the best shine."

Here is why I love masculine style: when it comes to menswear the color palette consists of muted tones - black, white, gray, navy, camel, tan, with pops of green, red, blue, orange.  Here and there you may see a pink or a purple or yellow but not very often.  The focus of masculine style is in the cut and silhouette of the piece.  A well cut suit or a classically made trench coat can last a lifetime. They are usually more of an investment, but they promise better value than something trendy.  I draw so much inspiration from menswear because furnishing a home is so similar: invest in good quality pieces and get the very best you can afford.  -  I tell my clients all the time -  Let’s build a foundation and so you can build your home overtime.  

Kristen Thomas