When we start working with clients, some have a deep interest in art and have collected many pieces over time, while others don’t own any and look to us for guidance. In the latter case, clients typically want us to purchase art quickly in order to put the finishing touch on their space. Our team always jumps at the opportunity to add classic pieces of art with color, texture, and most of all something meaningful to the homeowner.

When our team starts the art layer, we ask these questions... First: SCALE. How does the piece physically relate the space it is in. Does it overwhelm the space? Does it balance and enhance the space? Second: What is the intention with this art? Will it spark emotion in the homeowner and their guests? Does it connect with the homeowner and their lifestyle? Third: We always have to remind ourselves, art doesn’t need to be expensive to make an impact. Sometimes it is a piece that the client “must have” when we show it to them, they are immediately drawn to it. Other times it is a custom piece that we dream up based on their interests and style, where we will commission a local artist to create. It can also be a photograph that symbolizes a meaningful place. Finally: Often artwork is the way we add an element of surprise and interest to the space. We have fun looking for the unexpected, something that makes a statement and adds to the mood of the room.

If you have a large wall and are looking for art to set the stage, our best advice is to make sure you choose pieces that capture the “feels” of the space. Art allows us to express ourselves and intentionally create a feeling in a space. Through many design projects we have learned, when done right, we only need a handful of carefully chosen pieces to truly make a statement in our spaces.

More than any tip or trick we could give you, always trust your instincts and buy what speaks to you.


Kristen Thomas