First Impressions

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Clients often come to me with the same questions: where should I start? What should I focus on to make the biggest impact?

Some people will say your kitchen, others your bathrooms. As a designer, my answer is always your entry. This is the first place that your guests will see on arrival and it's so often overlooked both architecturally and decoratively. Why not make it great? Why not make it pop?

I like to create a moment and give the best possible first impression. 

I love an entry that's inviting and sets the tone for what's to come. When you consider what effect design has on a space, I measure the impact not in how it looks but how it feels. Does the space feel calming? Polished? Comfortable? The entry is the space to establish these feelings as you carry them through the home. It is where you state your identity, establish your style and tell your story.  

Kristen Thomas