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We are in constant learning mode at our studio. Every day someone in the office is sending a group text about a new “must read” design or business book, gorgeous design inspiration, a documentary on Netflix, or a designer we need to be following on Instagram.

One of our all-time favorite resources is “A Well-Designed Business” podcast by LuAnn Nigara. She is a wealth of information and inspiration as a business owner herself, and the questions she asks in her interviews truly get to the heart of the business owner - she digs deep to uncover specific actionable tips and ideas. Kristen was honored to be featured on Episode 314 “Finding Clarity on the Brand and Culture of Her Interior Design Firm”. She shares her career path, the early days (including the struggles) of starting Studio Thomas and how she created the intentional brand and design Studio Thomas is known for. One of the themes you'll hear over and over in the interview is how much our team cares about our clients as individuals, how we dive into the type of lifestyle they are living in their homes and how we design around it, and  at the same time, the importance of infusing value into each home we design. If you're curious about the behind the scenes of our business, head over to LuAnn's site linked above or to iTunes for this interview. We'd love to hear what you think!

Kristen Thomas