Inspiration: Fashion


The relationship between fashion and interior design will forever be in existence.

Since Studio Thomas came to life our design concepts have been inspired by fashion and architecture. Regarding fashion, we are obsessed with mens fashion. All the clean lines, the minimal and masculine colors … Mens fashion is easy on the eyes yet so intriguing and moves us to feel something. The masculine design is aesthetically pleasing, gives structure to the human body and is a timeless foundation that no other form of fashion can bring.

These two industries - fashion and interior design ebb and flow, this poetic dance brings grace to the human expression. Fashion designers gain inspiration from architecture and the interior of a space, while interior designers are inspired by fashion and architecture.  

From fabrics, to patterns, to colors or absence of - fashion gives us what we want and inspires us to design without a glass ceiling. Let’s layer up in these cold months, look at the world a little differently - taking a deeper look into the details around us and how what we wear influences how surroundings.  

Kristen Thomas