We are often called interior designers, decorators, or stylists.   We like to think of our company as a lifestyle design firm.  When a client comes to us they want to have a certain feeling in their space. We have a detailed intake process that helps us with getting to know our clients style and what type of space they are dreaming of. 

Where do they shop?

What movies do they watch?  

Where do they want to travel?  

Who do they admire?

When visiting their home, we are able to get a true feel of their lifestyle.  We have found, there is always a common thread. Sometimes they gravitate towards high energy or a sanctuary space . . . Leading into what type of design they are drawn towards - elegant finishes or relaxed and casual.

Taking that time to get to the grit - why our clients are the way they are - is essential. Looking at those details helps us find that common thread to design their space with a tasteful approach.  

Now it's your turn - we want you to go into your closet pick your favorite pair of shoes, accessory or piece of clothing. Then look around your space and see what you are drawn to. What is your common thread? 


Kristen Thomas