A Heart of (Calcutta) Gold

One of our clients is about to start a whole kitchen & powder bath renovation. Pulling together concepts was a blur of polished nickel, delicate finishes, waterfall islands and marble, specifically (our beloved) Calcutta gold marble. Needless to say, we're excited about the project and it's progress!  We decided to spec a sturdy & beautiful quartz for the kitchen island and save the marble for the bathroom. Marble is so delicate (and expensive) it's often better suited for a bathroom than a kitchen, with less risk of damage, stains and cracks.  It's a beautiful material - perfectly suited to a small space that makes a big impact on visitors to your home. 

The sample slab stayed out on our work table even a few days after the presentation. We couldn't walk by it without petting, admiring and generally obsessing over it. With a smooth matte finish and warm gold marbling....these are the things of a designer's dreams. 

Kristen Thomas