A Fresh Start

Have you ever moved or started at a new school and been so excited to have a fresh start?  That is what this year has been for me.  Last year I had all the desire in the world to grow, grow & GROW!  I looked into upgrading to a larger studio space. I upped my advertising efforts.  I was ready to take on the world.  

But I started realized what that would mean for the most important things in my life:  my family, my relationships with my kids, husband and friends... and forget about taking care of myself, that was going straight out the back door.

I reached a point where I had to take a step back.

For anyone who has started a business, you all know the hours are endless.  I decided for me that I wanted to slow down and instead, build a strong, valuable team that put out great work. I wanted to give each and every client the attention to detail they deserve.  I also wanted to enjoy my life and not feel like I was in the rat race of trying to keep up. Ultimately,  I made the life decision to take my life back, simplify and have a fresh start.  

With this in mind,  this year really has been all about starting over. I launched a new website, a new look and just an overall new vision for my life and for Studio Thomas.  I have been in the business of interior design for nearly a decade and love everything about the process, the way design affects the way you live and enjoy your life.  I had started a blog a while back but felt I got lost in the trap of “what is on trend” and what is the latest and greatest - I knew that just wasn't me and wasn't what I wanted for my business.  I am not a trendy person, I am more focused on the quality of a home and the depth of the pieces placed there.  I want my clients to build a home they can enjoy, a beautiful backdrop for their lives with their loved ones.

I want this blog to represent the philosophy, Inspiration and work of Studio Thomas.  We have so much to share with you and hope that you will take this journey with us. 

Kristen Thomas