STUDIO THOMAS: Our Philosophy

This year has been about taking the time to stop, think and really focus on why I do what I do. I have been designing homes for clients for over 10 years now and without a doubt, every client has a few things in common: 

  1. They all want to feel special, like their home is a reflection of them

  2. Everyone is uniquely different

  3. One style, esthetic and look doesn’t work with everyone.

These commonalities explain why do I design and why I do it the way that I do.   

Yes, I love decor. Yes, I love design. But most of all, I love people. I love helping others make their space happy, enjoyable and peaceful. I don’t think there is any greater gift you can give someone that helping define their space, that's where memories are made and relationships are built. 

When I was a little girl we would spend every Sunday at my grandparents, sitting around the family room sofa with cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, just talking, visiting and enjoying life together.  My dad was the lifeline of our family and brought everyone together.  We laughed until we cried.I can still remember the burnt orange carpet that my grandma had, her dining chairs and the dark wood kitchen table that we would sit and have toast, root beer floats and Welch's Grape Jelly. We didn’t have a lot of money and no, it definitely wasn’t glamorous but it was was a comfortable space: clean, welcoming and we were treated like gold when we passed the door.  I have so many wonderful memories in the homes I was brought up in.

Your home is where you spend your time; it's where you write your story.  I love to help people dig deep, find out what makes them tick and elevate the way they live by telling their story through their surroundings.  Every home, every space and every person has gold in them. This is something I truly believe. 

It is my job as a designer to find out what makes my clients tick.  I look at their space and find the hidden treasure that makes it special. I love the process of “branding” our clients - everyone has a style and if you watch how others dress, how they carry themselves, where they like to eat and how they interact, there's a lot to be discovered about them. How will they enjoy family gatherings in their home? How will they enjoy Thanksgiving together?  Where will their kids do their homework? These are all questions I ask myself and my clients about their space. By far, the things that matters most is that their space is designed around them, their memories, their interest and likes. If you can imagine the life lived within the space it brings the design process together. Everyone wants to live a beautiful life, against the backdrop of a beautiful home. It is my goal to find the hidden clues and make your home a reflection of you. Everyone has greatness and every space has greatness.

Our philosophy at Studio Thomas is one I've built from these experiences: we design spaces that are custom tailored to our client and the life they plan to live there. We build around a lifestyle, elevating it to reflect its most beautiful, timeless attributes. 

It is our goal as a firm to find out what makes them tick and elevate their lifestyle.  


Kristen Thomas