Inspiration: Cologne

When it comes to design, I find endless inspiration in all things masculine. Tailored suits, moody textiles and clean, straight lines - I mean, what else is there? We wrapped up a massive project last month: fully furnishing a home for a very sophisticated, very stylish bachelor. What a dream project! Who knew a bachelor in search of an elevated, refined space was our dream client?  

Masculine design lends itself to a timeless look. 

Think of a perfectly tailored, well-cut wool suit.  That's the kind of piece that can be worn for decades, always earning its spot in your closet's real estate and always making you look like a million bucks. That's how we want our designs to "fit" our clients. 

I've been collecting these images over the past few weeks, inspired by dark sultry colors, bronze masonry work and of course, men's shoes. I love the layers of cool grays and blues with with a hint of warm, amber glow - the whole board ended up feeling like the notes in a classic men's cologne. 

If you know a bachelor looking to elevate his home, send him our way! We know how to take a "man cave" to the next level :) 

Kristen Thomas