The Client Experience: What to Expect


Hands down, our clients are the highlight of what we do. We fall in love with our clients every single time, we can't help it. We design homes to reflect our clients and elevate their lifestyle. 

Every new client inquiry we receive is an honor. Designing your home is an exciting, emotional process and we're endlessly grateful for every client that chooses us. We want our clients to know what to expect through the design process, knowing they're our top priority throughout. Our process has evolved over time and as a boutique firm, we're proud to offer our clients a unique experience specialized for them. 

We love diving into new projects. During the initial phase we have clients fill out an extensive survey, getting to know the details of their taste and their project. We visit the job site, evaluate the scope of the project and most of all, meet you. Before we begin designing we strive to understand your lifestyle. We ask ourselves why and how you live. How do you dress? What do you do on a Friday night? What are your favorite memories? Where do you shop? Getting to know our clients is what helps us design a space truly reflective of them. 

This is the point we start designing. Two to four weeks following the initial consult, we invite our clients into the Studio to present their project. This is always a treat for us and clients. We love showing our work, but the real magic is painting the picture for the client. Depending on the scope of the project, we present finishes and furniture, fabrics and floor plans. We are a full-scale design firm and can confidently take on projects of different scope and size. This is the point in the process that we make decisions with the client. Based on the presentation, we choose what to start ordering, what to reselect and how to refine necessary elements of the project. 

We pride ourselves on being attentive and involved with clients during each phase of the design process, at this point we take the time with clients to make thoughtful, confident decisions. Good design and custom furniture can take time, but we work to always keep the project moving forward and on schedule. As we place and track orders, we give clients weekly updates with the progress on their project. 

When the time comes, we install client's homes in completion. It's a truly exciting process and we love being able to give client's a "wow" moment in their new home - there's nothing like it.  It's incredible the way a well-designed space changes the way you feel in it, we love nothing more than creating this experience for our clients.   

Kristen Thomas