We recently launched our new K.Thom brand and website. Although we have only just begun to scratch the surface of what we have planned, it has been incredible to finally bring a long-time dream into a reality.

For us, K.Thom is so much more than beautiful products. K.Thom is literally a world we can see, feel, and envision living in. A world where we all travel through our days with intention, elevating and enjoying the simple pleasures of daily life. We’ve chosen our initial items as reminders to do just that.

Our stoneware is handcrafted by talented artists in Alabama, inspiring a mindful moment at every meal. Each piece is sculptural and unique, inviting you to slow down and linger. They are perfect as serving pieces and are also practical for daily use … we love the idea of placing the tiny orb dishes in the middle of your family table or kitchen countertop, to pinch a few grains of salt and pepper to sprinkle onto your dish.

We selected our baby alpaca throws for curling up on the sofa with loved ones, they are even softer than the finest cashmere, inviting you to relax and unwind after a busy day.

Our pillows add instant elegance and comfort to any room. We chose beautiful colors inspired by nature to mix and match with any neutral.

We designed our oversized trays to be styled with your favorite books and accessories, so you can personalize any space in your home in a way that tells your story.

We are excited to share more of the world of K.Thom as we move into the new year. We invite to join us on our journey.

Kristen Thomas