In our recent blog posts, Shell and Interior Architecture, we shared how we begin the design process by first creating a foundation and then adding layers from there.

After we enhance the shell with interior architecture and paint, we move into the space planning phase in order to select the right foundation pieces for each room. Foundation pieces are the major furniture pieces that anchor the room, including sofas, chairs, tables, dining furniture, and beds. There’s a lot to consider before we start thinking about styles and fabrics. First, we determine how the space is going to function.

During our initial client meetings we make sure we have a deep understanding of how our clients would like to live in their space. We talk about their lifestyle and what kind of personalities they have. Do they entertain a lot? If so, do they host large gatherings or intimate dinner parties? Are they casual or formal? Do they include kids and pets? We look at traffic patterns and how we can maximize every space. Then we decide what the focal point is going to be for each room. For a family room, it may be a TV or a fireplace. We may be creating conversation pods around a TV so everyone can see and still have a conversation with the others in the room. Once we understand the function, we’ll know what kind of seating to choose. We’ll know whether to select a sectional, swivel chairs, a formal sofa, or a grouping of chairs. Once we finalize the space plan, we move onto selecting the style of furniture and the fabrics.

In this project, the homeowner wanted an open, inviting space for casual living rather than a formal dining room or sitting room. We selected these four sculptural chairs that are as comfortable as they are beautiful and a large, round coffee table for favorite books and accessories. This room is perfect for both entertaining and lounging as a family. Now everyone feels welcome here.

Kristen Thomas