The final layer in our series “The Art of Layering” is called the Lifestyle Layer. We love this final phase where we bring it all together. Though this is the end, the lifestyle layer is actually where we start. It’s the inspiration for the entire project and we begin with the end in mind.

When we meet with a new client we want to know everything. Of course we ask the obvious - what do you love about your home? What would you like to change? What are your favorite colors? etc. But then we go much deeper than that. We ask, what do you like to do? What are your hobbies? Do you like a formal space or more relaxed, casual space? What are your favorite memories … what do you see, taste, smell and feel? Sometimes we even ask for a tour of their closets to get a sense of their personal style.

We love to know as much as we can so we can design homes that truly reflect the lifestyle of our clients. Sometimes they’re ready for a big change, a total transformation, so we work together to design a home to inspire the lifestyle they want to be living. If they are newly empty nesters, they may want to simplify and have a fresh start with everything new. Others may have a growing family and request a space designed for large, casual gatherings, both child-friendly and pet-friendly. Everything from the finishes, layout, furniture, and accessories will be customized for the client, each thoughtfully selected to meet their needs.

In this space shown above, the homeowners had recently relocated to Colorado from Texas. They loved the traditional style they were used to in Texas, but they also wanted to embrace the Colorado lifestyle they were ready to begin. We designed the space with with the whole family in mind. We selected tailored pieces with lots of detail and mixed in others with clean lines and simple silhouettes. We chose neutral, earth tones throughout for a comfortable, relaxing feel and added accents in mixed metals, stone, and wood to add interest and texture. Now everyone enjoys this room, relaxing with a book and a cozy throw, to entertaining guests at the dining table. It’s a reflection of a family honoring tradition while embracing the new.

Kristen Thomas