inspiration: Blanc


I think we can all agree there is nothing better than opening the calendar on the first day of the new year. A blank page, a clean slate. It’s time to begin again.

We all need time to rest, mentally, physically, and creatively. White offers us that, a powerful symbol for calm and quiet. This month we are inspired by elegance and simplicity. Refined and edited spaces … with room to move and breathe and be.

This year we are taking the concept of intentional living to the next level for our clients and ourselves. On the blog over the next several months we will be sharing our design process room by room, centered around the desired intention for each space. Great homes are not only about aesthetics and style. They comfort, restore, nurture, inspire, and energize us. Although design is deeply individual for each client, the concept of intentional living is universal. We are excited to share more about how we do this.

Kristen Thomas