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As we delve into the art of intentional living, one of the most important spaces to consider is the master bathroom. Like the master bedroom, the master bath should feel like a sanctuary, a space to relax, unwind, and de-stress. We are big believers in the restorative power of water - soaking in the tub or relaxing in a steam-shower - which is why creating a spa-like master bathroom is one of our favorite projects to work on. We love to create a retreat for our clients to enjoy some peace and solitude as part of their daily routine.

We always begin a master bathroom design with a space plan focusing on our client’s priorities, such as expanding the space, incorporating more storage, or bringing in more natural light. Once we determine the ideal layout, we address the functional choices like heated floors, heated towel bars, steam showers, lighting, and plumbing choices like shower head styles and location.

Once the space plan is complete, it’s time to move onto the aesthetics. This is where we give our clients the chance to dream. We talk about how they want to experience their space - we ask exactly how they’d like to feel. Everyone wants a calm and relaxing space, so our favorite material to use in a bathroom is marble. There isn’t a material more unique, beautiful, timeless, or soothing than natural stone - our clients love it. While we don’t always use it on the countertops, we always recommend marble tile on the floor and in the shower. Our favorites are honed Calcutta Gold and honed Statuario.

The next step is to balance the hard surfaces with softer lines and materials. We do this by incorporating wood into the space, either in cabinetry, or items like a teak bench in the shower, a chair with a stack of towels, or an organic bowl filled with soaps. We also soften the space by bringing in some curves, such as a freestanding bathtub. This serves as a sculptural piece in the design, almost like a work of art, while taking up a fraction of the space of a built-in bathtub. Then we add the next layer of our design, the lighting. It has such a big impact on the space, so we spend time carefully considering each and every fixture. We love to make a statement and elevate the master bathroom with a beautiful chandelier and sconces, in addition to adding task lighting as needed throughout the space.

The final layer is how we bring it all together and when our vision comes to life. Our designs are always a blend of classic and modern, and we achieve this balance with the layering process we call the lifestyle layer. This includes the mirrors, art, small furniture pieces, and accessories. We love to include luxuries like artwork, Turkish towels, plants, and trays for soaps and perfumes. We always bring in a few unique items to add warmth, charm, and character to the space. This can be an antique stool or chair, and sculptural, textural pieces, like a stone or wooden bowl. We incorporate the elements of wood, stone, glass, texture, scent, and light to engage all of the senses in every room we design.

Everything works together to create a soothing and balanced environment for rejuvenation and restoration. A room completely designed around the way our clients want to begin and end each day.

Kristen Thomas