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We are endlessly inspired by travel. It gives us the opportunity to step out of our ordinary, day-to-day lives and experience the fantasy of another lifestyle. Whenever possible, we love to stay in luxury hotels, not only because of the beautiful and inspiring interior design and architecture, but because our stay offers us the chance to imagine what (we hope) it feels like to be one of our clients. It is our time to immerse ourselves and study the details of how to design an environment completely centered around the art of living well.

We can’t think of any other hotel who understands our dream life quite like the world of Aman. Widely acclaimed as the most exclusive hotel brand in the world, we would jump at the chance to stay in any of the zen-like properties. We especially love their concept of not wanting to feel like a hotel at all. There are no reception desks or elevators and each property takes its design cues from the surrounding environment. What stands out the most to us is their intention to create an atmosphere much like visiting the home of a friend. We love the idea of instilling a feeling of belonging and ease to a space, this aligns with our philosophy so well.

Much like the Aman collection, we focus on both the aesthetics and the atmosphere in the homes we design. Our goal is to create the stage for intentional living, whether our clients wish to feel soothed, relaxed and refreshed, or energized, inspired and uplifted.

We are so inspired and can’t wait to experience the world of Aman someday.

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