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“Summer is the most beautiful word in the English language.”

We wait all year for summer and before we know it, it’s already over. In the month of August, our intention is to savor every last minute of it before it slips away. It's time to celebrate the simple pleasures - sunshine, longer days, meals outdoors centered around fresh produce and gathering around the grill.

We cherish our time outside, soaking in the warm weather from sunrise until long after dusk. Even though we have a much shorter season in Colorado, we love to design around the California style of indoor/outdoor living. We treat the backyard as another room in the home, with a cohesive flow from the inside to the outside. 

Our philosophy for designing outdoor spaces is the same as indoors, we use the same formula for everything we do. A neutral color palette, layers and layers of textures and finishes, and incorporating all five senses into our designs. Here’s a few of our favorite ideas for creating an outdoor haven for relaxing and entertaining.


The best outdoor rooms let nature speak for itself, with a design centered around trees and mountain views. Our formula is the same as inside, we always choose neutrals for the foundation of furniture and rugs. Then we bring in warmth and character with lots of layers and a mix of textures - canvas cushions and pillows, soft, breezy linens, along with cotton and cashmere throws to curl up with when the sun goes down.  


We think outdoor furniture should be as beautiful and as comfortable as indoor furniture. We love sculptural pieces in organic materials like wood, stone, metal and concrete. These days, outdoor fabrics are as comfortable as indoor fabrics and resistant to water, sun, and stains. Choosing the same furniture styles and silhouettes as inside creates a cohesive flow, with no boundary between the indoors and the outdoors. We bring in more layers, textures and warmth with candles, wood or metal trays, and potted succulents on coffee tables and end tables.


In addition to the visual beauty and the physical touch of design, we love to incorporate the rest of the senses into our projects for all the “feels” … scent, sound, and taste. Potted herbs are perfect tabletop centerpieces - basil, lavender, mint, and rosemary are beautiful to look at, the fragrances are intoxicating, and each can be used daily in summer recipes. We love the sounds of birds chirping, water features, crackling of a fire and favorite summertime playlists. Taste is practically effortless this time of year … menus centered around summer produce and farmers markets, with juicy Palisade peaches for dessert … is there anything better? There’s still time to savor the rest of the summer season.

Kristen Thomas