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This time of year, everyone seems to be suffering from spring fever. After the bustling holiday season and January resolutions coming and going, we’re feeling a little bored with the winter routine and we’re craving sunshine and warmer weather. It’s time to freshen things up inside our homes.

Since you begin and end every day inside your closet, it’s especially important for this space to feel organized and inspiring. We think March is the perfect time to clean out your closet, edit your belongings, and create an intentional space that serves you.

This month on our blog and Instagram stories, we will be sharing tips on how to refresh and organize your home. We’ll share design and styling ideas, along with decluttering tips from a professional organizer.

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to get started immediately, we suggest beginning with these tried and true organizing tips:

Remove everything you own and start sorting using the philosophy of “quality over quantity”. If you don’t have time to tackle your entire closet in one day, choose one category such as jeans. Try on every pair and return only those that fit well and hang them by style and color. Do this with every category of clothing in your closet, trying on every item you own, only returning your favorite items. Group all items according to type, color, and length, leaving room to breath between each item.

If you do not have matching hangers, this is the time to take an inventory and determine how many you need to purchase. A set of matching hangers is a very low cost purchase that makes a huge difference visually. We love ultra thin, non-slip black velvet hangers you can find at the Container Store or on Amazon.

If your clothes do not have ample room to breathe between hangers, keep only in-season clothes in your closet. Use your most valuable closet real estate for the clothes you wear daily, and store specialty, formal, and off-season attire in another closet or on rolling racks in storage space with canvas garment covers.

We believe in living better through intention, organization, and beauty. This month we invite you to follow along; we hope to inspire you to feel lighter and calmer in your space as we enter into the spring season.

Kristen Thomas