new honey.jpg

Sultry, soothing, rich and delicious, honey colored tones have inspired interior design and fashion for centuries. We love how this timeless color hints at luxury and opulence but at the same time feels natural, warm and inviting. Nearly every culture around the world references the importance of honey in ancient sacred writings. Referred to as “the nectar of the gods” and “liquid gold”, it symbolizes health, wealth, and prosperity and has played a prominent a role in religious rituals, medicine, cuisine, and commerce throughout history.

In our design projects and in our closets, we love shades of honey paired with whites, creams, and warm woods for a fresh, inviting feel. We also love the complete opposite: honey paired with camel, dark woods and black for a rich, dramatic, luxurious space.

Oh, sweet honey. We just love the way you make us feel.


Kristen Thomas