builtin bookshelves.jpg


If you’ve been following us here on the blog or on social media, you know how often we use the word “layer”. We are obsessed with layers and believe the process of layering is essential for every successful space. On a recent post we shared how we always begin the design process by focusing on how we can enhance the shell of a room. Our philosophy of design is much more extensive than selecting paint colors, beautiful furnishings, and accessories. We look at each room we design as an opportunity to add value and substance to the entire home. Any room can be completely transformed through the addition of interior architecture. We can compensate for the lack of ceiling height, square footage, storage, or interest through the addition of millwork, beams, built-in bookshelves, trim, crown molding, and paneling.

The space shown above is an example of how we added built-in bookshelves to this wall to visually expand the space, giving the illusion of much higher ceilings and a much larger room. If you look beyond the bookshelves, you’ll see the addition of paneling and millwork painted white which draws your eye around the room and up to the ceiling. This simple trick elevates and expands the space, which is something you cannot achieve any other way, no matter how beautiful your rugs, furniture, lighting, and accessories may be. Enhancing the architecture will set your home apart and create a foundation that will complement every additional piece you bring into your space. Follow along with us on our upcoming blog posts as we share how we integrate interior architecture to the spaces we design and how we move through the layering process from start to finish.


Kristen Thomas