Kristen is the principal designer and owner of Studio Thomas. Her career started early in real estate, where the world of home building eventually led her to study interior design. With nearly 20 years in the industry, her education pairs with experience to create a refined expertise in designing, building and decorating homes. 

Since founding her firm in 2013, Kristen has worked on a wide variety of projects, each unique in size, scope & style. Her aesthetic is clean and modern, focusing on the power of architecture, simplicity & texture. Her design method is one that elevates your own style, while adding value to your home and depth to its story. 



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ROBYN MCCARLEY - Lead Designer

Robyn has been an invaluable asset to Studio Thomas since 2014. Her keen eye for design and building relationships with our clients is what makes her such a instrument of success at ST. With an attention to detail that is unmatched, Robyn enjoys building relationships with our clients and listens intently to every detail to ensure we execute a home our clients can call their own. She loves the sourcing process and is always on the hunt to find unique and different conversations pieces.


MADDY GRAY - Marketing Specialist 

Maddy works on a variety of projects for Studio Thomas. She comes to the industry with a background in design publication and handles aspects of marketing, studio photography and branding. Maddy's artistic eye and general experience serve a great purpose in helping Studio Thomas style, photograph and publish projects. She works to help grow our brand and evolve with new clients and projects. She loves ST's commitment to simplicity, luxury and timeless design. 



Joy handles all pricing and purchasing for client projects by connecting the dots between the design phase and installation. Joy's capacity to manage our clients and their projects allows us to source custom pieces and ultimately create unique designs. We rely on her level of organization to execute every last detail, from ordering fabric and finish samples to furnishings for entire homes. Joy works with over 100 vendors, all while keeping our projects tightly managed and on track. 



Kaylene manages and coordinates all client orders. Her ability to maintain this side of our business allows us to have control over our projects throughout the entire shipping process, from order to delivery. Her contribution to our team keeps our projects on course, tracking every last sofa, sconce and side table from vendors around the world. We depend on her ability to coordinate the backend of our projects and help us deliver thoughtful, complete designs to our clients.